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Here is a link to an interview with Tony Avila. Thanks to Billy Boldt and Thrash Zone.

Thrash Zone with Billy Milano of M.O.D. & S.O.D., Tony Avila-World Of Lies & Why Won't You Die, Tom Lorenzo-Blood Feast


World Of Lies announces makeup homecoming show in Sacramento with Dr. Know (featuring Kyle Toucher).


2014 EP UPDATES: Alex Huddleston has recorded bass on our new upcoming 2014 World Of Lies EP. The artist is lined up and art is in the works.






We are sorry to announce that Thomas Rusnak has left World Of Lies. We are super stoked we had the chance play music together. The times we spent together were awesome!!! There is no bad blood between us and we wish him the best in the future.

Our new bass player will be announced at our next show with Nile May 3rd @ Hawthorne Theater.

3/14/14 - 3/15/14

2 days of West Coast Crossover

World Of Lies, Burning Monk (CA), Toe Tag (WA),  Anticulture (WA) + Contempt (OR) come together to shred Portland, then all travel up to Seattle to shred some more. Same line up both days.

Slabtown 1033 NW 16th Ave Portland, OR 97209 - $8.00 - 8 pm - All Ages / Bar with ID

Rendevous 2322 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 - $8.00 - Doors @ 8 - 21 & Over


The 2014 line up of World Of Lies started recording today. Expect a new release from us later this year.

1. The Roots That Lead To Hell
2. To Punish & Enslave
3. Radioactive Contamination

World Of Lies 2014:
Tony Avila - Guitar + Vocals
Thomas Rusnak - Bass
Michael Thompson - Drums


Portland, Oregon-based Death Metal/ Grindcore act WORLD OF LIES is proud to announce their new bass player, Thomas Rusnak from RORSCHACHRORSCHACH and was a high influential and technical Hardcore Punk/ Powerviolence band from New Jersey that existed from 1989 - 1993. They have played limited shows and festivals since 2009. RORSCHACH also had one of their songs "Pavlov's Dogs" appear in the Sony Pictures movie ZERO DARK THIRTY in 2012. Thomas also played in KISS IT GOODBYE and most recently Portland's own longest running & biggest punk band POISON IDEA. RORSCHACH's “Protestant” album is #79 of the DECIBEL MAGAZINE HALL OF FAME.


RORSCHACH like THE ACCÜSED were direct influences on WORLD OF LIES main man Tony Avila's upbringing. "When I saw RORSCHACH in high school, they really made me want to play," and "I was super stoked to find out he was not only living here in Portland but playing in POISON IDEA". There is a very interesting story unfolding here and we are very excited to start working with ThomasThomas will be playing with WORLD OF LIES at their next show Friday, January 17th, 2014 @ The Hawthorne Theater in Portland, Oregon with 80's Crossover legends D.R.I..



Tony Avila - Guitar + Vocals

Thomas Rusnak - Bass

Michael Thompson - Drums



Billy Boldt Presents Thrash Zone - Episode 4 - World Of Lies

World Of Lies will be live on the air Monday, December 23rd on KOUV Radio. One of the special guest callers is none other than Felix formally of D.R.I.. There will be t-shirt, cdand ticket giveaways. Maybe if your lucky you will win a set of tickets to our show Friday, January 17th @ The Hawthorne Theater WITH D.R.I. here in Portland!!!

Tune in Monday night 9-10:30pm to listen and for your chance to win!!!




Tony "OT" Papasadero leaves the band... World Of Lies wishes him and his bands Blood Freak and Mazaroth the best of luck.







World of Lies premieres the first LIVE FRIDAY on KPSU this Friday August 9th 2013 from 5:PM - 6:PM. We will lay waste to all the indie/college rock that saturates their studio and airwaves!!!

KPSU, Portland State University's campus radio broadcasting locally on campus at 98.1 and around the world at http://www.kpsu.org


1.5 hours of writing and 30 min of practice have yielded a brand new World Of Lies song. We are currently writing songs for our next record and it looks like it's going to be a kick ass record!!!



World Of Lies releases their Living Under Drones EP at this show.

Saturday, May 18th, 2013 - Cannibal Corpse (NY), Napalm Death (UK), Immolation (NY), Cretin (CA) & World Of Lies (CD RELEASE) @ The Wonder Ballroom 128 NE Russell Street Portland, OR 97212 - $22 Adv - $25 door - 7 pm All Ages / Bar with ID


New WORLD OF LIES Album Cover Artwork & Track Listing Revealed

American Death Metal band WORLD OF LIES will release "Living Under Drones" as the title of their fifth studio output, due in May-June 2013.

WORLD OF LIES played their 1st come back show after 3+ years to a sold out crowd at The Hawthorne Theater with legends of Death Metal NILE 3/23/13. The 2013 line up of WORLD OF LIES consists of founder/ main song writer Tony Avila on guitars and vocals, Tony Papasadero on bass and vocals and Michael Thompson on drums.

The follow-up to 2009's "Toe Tag/ World Of Lies Split CD" was recorded, mixed and mastered at a punk rock squat in Portland, Oregon by Tony Avila. Recording took place between March and April 2013. The entire 10 song recording took 62 hours to complete. 7 of the 10 songs will appear on the Living Under Drones EP CD. The other 3 songs will be used for compilations and or splits.

The track listing for the CD is as follows:

1. Living Under Drones
2. Dismemberment
3. Fema Coffins
4. Splattered
5. Poison Water
6. Privacy Control
7. Material God

Fans can hear the debut of new bassist Tony "OT" Papasadero and drummer Michael Thompson on the "Living Under Drones" EP. A demo of "Fema Coffins" is available for streaming at the Official World Of Lies Youtube Channel.

WORLD OF LIES heads out on a mini tour in early May 2013 playing in Oregon, Nevada and California. A few of the California shows will be with Toe Tag (featuring Blaine Cook & Alex Sibbald from The Accused. WORLD OF LIES released a split CD with Toe Tag in 2009.

For more info go to our official website





Things in the World Of Lies camp are off the chart these days since reforming. Tomorrow World Of Lies enters the studio to record a new EP. This EP will include all 3 of our new songs. It will be released on CD. The CD will have bonus tracks.

We are aiming to have this release ready for our upcoming spring tour of Oregon, California and possibly Nevada. Our main priorities AFTER our come back show with NILE will be the tour and this release. The last few dates of our tour will be with the hard core crossover legends Toe Tag featuring Blaine & Alex from the classic era of THE ACCUSED! Here is a link to the last part of our tour with Toe Tag. It's only one step away from being complete!

We will post more about the World Of Lies Spring 2013 tour soon.

The metal gods have truly given shined their lights on us and we will do our best to make them proud!



WORLD OF LIES has reformed and returned to re-conquer the throne. WORLD OF LIES existed from 2001-2004 in Sacramento, California and from 2004-2009 in Portland, Oregon. The new line up is currently a 3 piece consisting of Tony Avila - Guitar & Vocals, Tony Papasadero - Bass & Vocals & Michael Thompson - Drums. WORLD OF LIES has 3 brand new songs and are in the process of writing more for a brand new full length album. 

WORLD OF LIES is currently booking local and west coast show dates. WORLD OF LIES's come back show, 1st show in over 3 years is Saturday, March 23, 2013 - Nile, Ceremonial Castings & World Of Lies - Hawthorne Theatre 503-233-7100 - 1507 SE 39th Ave, Portland, OR - 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm). All Ages - $12.00 advance tix, $14.00 at the door.

Contact WORLD OF LIES at worldoflies@gmail.com 

For more information, visit   www.worldoflies.com

World Of Lies 2013


Back when we were working on the Thorns EP 2007 we recorded a double cover song. We had the original singer of the covers lay down the vocals on this track. We sat on this track until now… it sounds too good to not be heard…. Remixed 10/1/2011.

Accused Melody 2 Accused Cover Songs in one. (Featuring Blaine Cook: The Accused, Toe Tag, The Fartz & Denial Fiend)

Click on this link to hear the track.



Due to mutiple reasons World Of Lies breaks up.


WORLD OF LIES Completes Work On New Split CD with Toe Tag 5/3/2009


Toe Tag World Of Lies Split CD. Toe Tag's 1st offering on CD featuring Blaine, Alex Maggotbrain and Steve O'Ring from The Accused! 6 new songs from World Of Lies.

The split is in hand. Time to spread the disease!



We have been on vacation for a while. it's has been a nice ride, but like all rides they all must come to a end.The split will be out in a couple of weeks!!!



We have been busy putting the final touches on the split with Toe Tag. The audio is finished, now its just a matter of finishing up the art and turning over the project to A20 Records. The art is being done by KC Angel. We have some new shirts in stock as well. If you feel like putting on some new WOL threads then go to the shirts page and start clicking!

We have also been busy writing new material for a new album. The new tracks are turning out to be quite heavy, we started writing the death metal portions 1st and they are coming along very nicely.



We are currently operating as a 3 piece. It's working out pretty well, we have been getting lots of compliments lately on our live performances. We are just about to wrap up the new split CD we are doing with Toe Tag. We have the recordings all done, the mixing and mastering are still being tweeked slightly while we are waiting on the artwork to be completed. The art work is being done by Mr. Chris Angel, he has done lots of great work in the past for The Accused and does really good tattoos as well. Once the artwork is in hand the layout and art for the split will get started and proofed out to both bands, once we have an approval from both we will mail it to the guys at A2O Records in Germany to have it pressed up. We are going to press it on vinyl as well... be on the look out for more information on this release!!!



World Of Lies has a new bassist to announce, Ned will be taking the position after Leon West's departure. World Of Lies has a new guitarist and on board and is currently writing and recording for the upcoming split with Toe Tag. The new material is a real good mix of Grindcore, Punk and Thrash. World Of Lies will post some of this new material on our site soon so keep an eye out for it.



After finishing up recording and releasing the "Thorns EP" World Of Lies suffered 2 band member departures. The band and the departing members (David Henderson & Leon Wojack-West) are on good terms where they will remain. However World Of Lies has a new guitarist to announce.Jake Neely is our new guitar player.

Up next for band will be to record the new material for the Toe Tag split due out early 2008. After that the band is going to record a brand new album and a 2nd album of the 1st two WOL releases as a 2nd bonus disk. Rather than repressing the 1st 2 CD's we think it will be better to record them, give them a fresh recording and add them on to the new release as a 2nd bonus disk.



The last 6 months has been pretty eventful for World Of Lies, we got a song on the Nunslaughter Tribute CD, we put out our own single (Thorns EP) on CD and Vinyl and had 2 of the 4 guys leave the band.

The search for a bass player is still on, we thought we had someone but it didn't work out. We are also sad to announce that David (our lead guitar player for 2.5 years) is leaving the band. We are glad we got to get his sick guitar playing on the Thorns EP and wish him the best down the road.


WORLD OF LIES Completes Work On New Single - Aug. 7, 2007


Portland, Oregon-based grindcore act WORLD OF LIES has finished mixing, mastering and pressing its new single. 1,000 CDs were manufactured, along with 400 copies on black-vinyl seven-inch and 100 on red-vinyl seven-inch. The single, which includes guest vocals from ex-THE ACCUSED/current TOE TAG front man Blaine Cook and WORMWOOD/ Cross's Larry Perrigo, can be ordered online through the band's web site.


WORLD OF LIES Appears on the Nunslaughter Tribute CD


Over 30+ tracks of some of the most underground of extreme metal have been placed in honor of one of the most cult and underground death metal groups around, NUNSLAUGHTER.

World Of Lies - Obsessed With The Visions Of A Satanic Priest




All the extra tracking is done now, should be wrapping this project up in the next week or 2 and sending it off to the press.

Lots of work for us after this is done, bringing back some oldies but goodies, writing and learning some new ones we put aside when getting this together. Then the next release, keep your eye out for this single, don't expect to be hanging on to them for long, this is some of the best stuff we have done to date and with the extra vocalists, it really adds something we have never really heard before and are very proud of.





WORLD OF LIES: New Single To Feature Guest Vocals By Ex-THE ACCUSED Front man - Mar. 15, 2007

Portland, Oregon-based grindcore act WORLD OF LIES is in the studio cutting a new single. According to the band, "90 percent of the tracking is done," including guest vocals from ex-THE ACCUSED/current TOE TAG front man Blaine Cook andWORMWOOD's Larry Perrigo. Three other vocalists will be appearing on the single, which will be released in very limited quantities late April/early May on seven-inch vinyl as well as a CD-single.

In other news, WORLD OF LIES has announced plans to record a split release with TOE TAG. More details will be made available soon.

For additional information, visit www.worldoflies.com.



World Of Lies is in the process of recording a new single (7" + CD). We are going to have guest vocals/ back up vocals on the record.Front Cover done by Nathan Petz. Watch out in the next couple of months for its release.



UPDATE: World Of Lies announces new drummer

Devon will be taking over for Wayne after the upcoming show. World Of Lies welcomes new shredder Devon into the fold...and will be back on the scene in a month or 2!!!! We are also going to bring back some older songs people have been hitting us up to play. Can you guess which ones? We will also have new shirts in a week or two. Look out for that as well!



World Of Lies announces that Wayne will be leaving the band, we are all on good terms, there are not bad feelings.World Of Lies would also like to thank Wayne for playing with us since we moved to Oregon and for being a good friend!!! We wish Wayne luck with his future projects! Wayne's last show will be this one... come party with us and Wayne one last time before Devon takes over...




The band is in the studio currently recording for their new 7" inch/ CD single, also for a complication.



World Of Lies plays on the 2nd Coastal Chaos Fest.



World Of Lies playing on the 2nd annual Portland Metal Fest this Friday night.



Just received the news that Paul Suchoski (California guitarist, World Of Lies S/T CD + Material God CD, bassist & vocalist for Sons Of Chaos) has passed away, we wish the best for the family and friends. So many good times with that guy, back in the days of Eulogy, he was always there and had such a great attitude and spirit.....he really will be missed!




World OF Lies is back on the map with a new guitar player David Henderson and a bass player on the way in, we are also opening up for the Killith-Fair tour featuring M.O.D., Crisis, Jacknife. (see the shows page) A new song is in the process of being recorded and the new record has been started, as of now we have 3 new songs.



Matt leaves the band. World Of Lies wishes him the best of luck.



World Of Lies playing on the 1st annual Portland Metal Fest.

Saturday 4/2/05 - Nightpiper Presents - Portland Death Fest (Night 2): The Accused, Fall Of The Bastards, World Of Lies, Sub Arachnoid Space, Desolation, Hadan, Truculence, The New Plague @ Sabala's Mt. Tabor 4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd. - (503) 236-1646 - $7.00 - 5:pm - 21 and over


World Of Lies needs a bass player. The Band has 2 new songs written and a live show that is going to be recorded for the upcoming release.



New line up. Matt Sutphin on Guitar -Vocals & Wayne Scott on Drums.the 1st practice was today and we nailed 4 songs.what a killer jam it was!!!!



New members are being tried out.Since moving to the Portland, Oregon area the future looks bright. There are many musicians here and a great scene with plenty of venues all ages and 21 and over to play.




Band moves to Oregon, Paul staying in California will be missed but not forgotten. World Of Lies will be in contact with him and want to include him on future recordings and or tours.



Dan leaves the band... World Of Lies wishes him and his band Kuru the best of luck.



New Album

New CD is released.

14 songs